2Pac – Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z. (1993)

Lesane Parish Crooks, better known as 2Pac, started out as a background dancer for the alternative Hip Hop group “Digital Underground”. His second release “Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.” was his breakout album and reached platinum status. It has a weird raw sound to it – in a good sense. A few singles stand out such as “I Get Around” or “Keep Ya Head Up” making it not only a must have for 2Pac fans but a great rap album of 1993.


Paris – Sleeping With The Enemy (1992)

Paris - Sleeping With The Enemy

Paris is a Californian rapper who is known for his highly charged political and socially conscious lyrics. His second album “Sleeping With The Enemy” stimulated much controversy  with songs such as “Bush Killa”. That’s why he had had a lot of difficulties to find a label to distribute the album. After being rejected by a few companies, the record had been already manufactured by Warner Bros. but they destroyed the copies at the last minute and payed him off. So he started his own label and released the record there.


Public Enemy – Apocalypse 91… The Enemy Strikes Black (1991)

Public Enemy - Apocalypse 91

This is their forth album and my favourite one. Why? It is highly consistent and features some dope tracks like “Can’t truss it” or “Shut’em down”. They continue to be very political even though they already lost one member due to antisemitic remarks. Racism towards the black community is the main topic. In combinance with the hard beats those political messages need to be played out loud. So turn up the volume!


X Clan – To the East, Blackwards (1990)

X-Clan - To The East Blackwards

“Vanglorious – This is protected by the red, the black and the green with a key. Sissy!” You gonna hear that in every song. Professor X drops some wise words here and there. Brother J follows with afrocentristic lyrics. What makes this album so good is his voice and the way he’s rapping in combination with funky samples. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.


The Coup – Kill My Landlord (1993)

The Coup - Kill My Landlord

The Coup is a political rap group dwelling on serious topics such as capitalism or police brutality. The leading MC Boots Riley has a smooth and relaxed voice – but a great flow at the same time. It’s the perfect addition to the very fresh & funky sound underlying this record. Released on the legendary label Wild Pitch Records it’s easy to get today. What more can I say? Dig it!


Brand Nubian – One for all (1990)

Brand Nubian - One For All

Brand Nubians debut album is a very funky one. The MC’s Grand Puba & Sadat X have a great flow and a very characteristic voice. They outshine the other rapper Lord Jamar but that doesn’t make the album any worse. It’s very consistent – however every track is unique. A few ones stand out like “Slow down” or “Dedication”. If you like early 90’s Hip Hop you can’t go wrong with this record.